Fifteen Points, 2016


Motors, Custom Driver Electronics, Custom Software, Aluminium, Carbon Fibre, LEDs, Custom Rail System, Computer.
200 x 300 cm

RANDOM INTERNATIONAL, Fifteen Points / I, 2016
RANDOM INTERNATIONAL, Fifteen Points / I, 2016

The series Fifteen Points experiments with the amount of information necessary for a moving form to be recognised as human; and the fundamental impact created by subtle changes within that information. When positioned in order and animated in a particular way, the robotically steered points of light make up the form of a walking person. Even the most minuscule manipulation of the points’ position can cause the form to return back into an inorganic, geometric arrangement. The human ability to decipher and distinguish movement is continually at play. Fifteen Points asks if it is possible to extend these instincts from the realm of the natural to that of the artificial, and what relevance this might have in the future.