Self and Other, 2016


Glass, LEDs, Steel Frame, Aluminum, Power Supplies, Computer, Driver Electronics, Custom Software, Time of Flight Camera, Cabling
250 x 102 x 97 cm

RANDOM INTERNATIONAL, Self and Other, 2016

Within the glass, the onlooker finds their full-length and three-dimensional reflection reflected in points of light. As they move, so the ethereal light figure follows. The structure is made up of individual, evenly-spaced layers of glass, each one embedded with minuscule, individual light sources. A human presence causes these disparate elements to unite in the creation of the reflected image. The figure that appears within the glass is both other and familiar, reduced in information but retaining the indefinable details that distinguish recognisability. To others, viewing the structure in the round from different angles, the configuration of lights may appear abstract, distorted from the lights bouncing off the glass.