Self and Other (for the Albert Embankment), 2018


Custom glass, custom frame, LEDs, custom motion tracking software, camera, computer
336 x 201 x 83 cm
Permanent Installation: 30 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7GS


Video: Performance by Studio Wayne McGregor. Music by Max Richter. Footage by Chocolate Films. Courtesy FuturePace

Self and Other (for the Albert Embankment) is RANDOM INTERNATONAL’s latest work to explore the representation and perception of the self-image and marks the artists’ first public, outdoor commission in the UK. The sculpture translates the reflected human form into points of light, built up through evenly-spaced glass sheets, and can present both literal to abstract images, depending on the viewing angle.

The illuminated, reflected image is reduced in information yet it can retain subtle visual details that can build up the human ability to recognise ourselves. As the onlooker moves, their illuminated reflection may sometimes follow with a slight delay. The work experiments with ideas of identity and perception, inviting unexpected physical interaction and exploring traits of cognition.

This permanent installtion opened to the public for the first time during Art Night 2018.

Commissioned by St James, a member of the Berkley Group, curated by Futurecity